The most important metrics of your web or mobile app


The success of any application, no matter if it is mobile or web, lies in knowing the users and the ways in which they use our application. Finding out the value of our app and evaluating its performance starts with knowing which KPIs (key performance indicators) and metrics of the mobile application are the ones we should focus on.

Once we put our application into production and the first downloads begin, we must start tracking metrics and KPIs that are available to us. But how do we define success and measure progress in a way that aligns with our business objectives? Identifying which metrics are most relevant to my use case.

It is worth mentioning that any application that, after being downloaded, fails to meet the user’s expectations, will be immediately deleted from their mobile devices. This suggests that maintaining a level of engagement engagement level will be critical.

Developing an application and not analyzing its results is one of the most serious mistakes you can make.

Information is so important that data has become the main protagonist in thinking about strategies that make an impact and produce great results. If thinking about this overwhelms you, helping you outline your metrics will be our job.

First key question: How many users have downloaded the app? Arguably, this is an obvious indicator of the success – or failure – of a strategy. The first thing to do is to convince users to download the application, and that it is worth having. Attribution will be very important. It is always necessary to know from which traffic source they came to the app.

You have already downloaded it, what now? Usability. Users download your application and use it: you are already achieving the ultimate goal, and directly attacking the problem of applications: that they have them on their cell phone, but do not use them.

But this is not all, we have to go further. Who uses the platform, and how?

Hand in hand with usability, there is an important indicator that should not be overlooked. Time in the application. With this you will know the relevance of your application, determining the amount of time users spend using it.

Another important piece of information to know where we are located, and who we have around us, is the number of software versions. This is an important piece of information to keep in mind, both for your application and to observe what your competitors are doing.
. Have you measured how often they release software? Is it monthly, weekly, daily? If you are currently doing it in any of these ways, does this cadence generate business value?

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