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Progressive Web Apps

A Progressive Web App (PWA) is a web application that uses modern web capabilities to deliver an experience similar to native (iOS/Android) apps.
By using adaptive design techniques, Progressive Web Apps work on mobile and desktop, using a single code base across platforms.
They are mobile first from their conception

Having a PWA means having a best-in-class site:
not just a website, but a real tool to improve business and make visitors want to come back.

Maximize the resources invested

Because content only needs to be produced once, it saves time and money compared to creating content separately for iOS, Android and a website. In addition, PWAs do not require complicated processes to be updated.

They are lighter than native apps

With the vast majority of native functions such as access to device hardware (camera, GPS, accelerometer, among others), PWAs require a fraction of the device’s resources. A PWA weighs between 5 and 20% of its native counterpart.

It does not depend on the stores

Stores make discovery and distribution difficult. There are guidelines, restrictions and delays when you need to publish an update. Having a PWA means not sacrificing release times and not sharing revenue with a third party.

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