Financial Services Dec 21: Battleground App

In the last edition we analyzed the score and downloads to understand which are the biggest apps. This time we focus more on the positive and negative ratings that make up that score. With more than 154 apps and 3 million comments analyzed, we obtained a second analysis that yields interesting results.

Basic indicators by category

Once again, the best category of all is Loans, where they are the only one to boast a rating above 4⭐. But perhaps the most surprising aspect of this category is the interaction they achieve with users. An example of this is that even being the fifth category in downloads, they occupy the second place in reviews.

Score, reviews and downloads by category, December 2021
Score, reviews and downloads by category, December 2021

Positive vs. negative comments

Cumulative annual net rating score as of December 2021

In terms of cumulative positive or negative ratings so far this year, the only categories with positive scores are loans, digital and traditional banking. It should be noted that the insurance category is in last place in all indicators. It would be worth asking whether this is a product of the difficult year they’ve had thanks to the pandemic or simply an oversight in the customer experience.

Global top scores

In terms of score, loan and service applications are the most relevant, with Tala and Clip standing out as the leaders in each category. On this occasion, the first digital bank to appear is Stori, with a score of 4.65.

Highest scoring loan and service applications stand out

What are the apps with the most positive feedback in 2021?

In the case of the net score of each review so far this year, the best applications are Tala, Mercado Pago, Cuenca, Sabadell and Klar with an average score of 75.4%.

Cumulative net rating score 2021

It seems that users complain more than they celebrate good service, as the overall average of the applications measured is -7%, which leaves many areas of improvement for the entire offering in Mexico:

General application behavior

The apps that have been most punished by users this year are Axa, BBVA SOS, Scotia Tarjetas, Monific and Toka, with an average negative score of -79.8%.


The analysis of the comments helps us to understand the trends and to know if the strategy is on the right track. By implementing such a simple indicator as the NRS, we can unfold another level on the score to better understand product acceptance.

There are deeper analyses we can do for our own apps: by cross-referencing the information with public and internal app behavioral data we can understand the factors that cause a good or bad experience to take advantage of them and build a better product.

At enacment we can help you identify these gaps and design better application strategies.

If you are interested in a more in-depth analysis of your app or digital service, do not hesitate to contact contactarnos✉️!

Complete board

In order to interact with the board and navigate between the different sections, we recommend using a computer or tablet:

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