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Mobile apps, like us, thrive on feedback. To improve a product, the teams that design it must know what its users are doing. The important KPIs are many, but there is one category that stands out above others: how apps perform in stores.

Example of a typical comparative report

According to studies, 50% of users will not even consider a 3-star app. That number drops to 85% for a 2-star rating.

In addition, 77% of people read at least 1 review before downloading a free app. For a paying one, the number increases to 80%. Therefore, as an app developer, we cannot afford to ignore ratings and reviews. They matter a lot.

Thinking about this, we realized that the benchmarking tools available group their lists according to categories in stores. This works well for optimization, but the real competition for an app may be in another category.

For this reason, product teams spend a lot of time collecting this information manually. This makes the information, although available, inaccessible to many. This is where App Battleground comes in.

What is App Battleground?

App battleground are dashboards and indicators to compare applications and understand their user acceptance. A comparison of the apps in the stores, but with a business sense.

The information is public and available to everyone: we get this information from the stores: for now Google Play Store. Our job is to prepare and present it so that it makes business sense.

In addition, App Battleground is our effort to help improve digital offerings in Mexico. We believe this data will help product teams better understand the consumer and the category in which they compete. This will undoubtedly help them design better experiences and strengthen the market.

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Who is behind App Battleground?

We are Enacment: a software and application development agency focused on delivering value in the shortest possible time. We believe that a user-oriented strategy has to start from the user and we are always looking for ways to better understand consumers.

Also, as part of the project and helping us with the intelligence behind this data is Business Data Scientists: a pioneer in advanced data analysis in Mexico.

Are you only focused on financial services?

No, for now we decided to focus on this category because of the way it is growing. We will do so later for other categories, such as online sales and entertainment. If you want to propose a category you can do it in the comments:

How can I see the current boards?

We will be posting content in the Batleground App category within this blog.

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  • Battleground App
    App battleground is a set of dashboards and indicators to compare apps from different business categories and understand their user acceptance. A comparison of the apps in the stores, but with a business sense.

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