App Analytics Full-Stack
We generate strategies to understand user behavior and leverage it to achieve business objectives.

Get to know your visitors and design experiences that improve conversions

From the selection of an analysis tool, to the implementation, to the reporting of the data. We accompany you in every phase of the mobile and web analysis and increase the success of your website or app with proactive consulting.

How do we do it?

To get the most out of analytics data, we build business-meaningful reports and dashboards that are the product of well-executed analytics.

We go through 4 essential steps to convert data into knowledge about user behavior.

We perform an analysis to understand the current integration of analytics and suggest quick paths to leverage, as well as possibilities for long-term optimization.

We benchmark the category to establish goals and objectives.

We define an analytical strategy that includes the definition of data sources, flows, tags and events necessary to obtain a comprehensive view of the customer that fits the business objectives.

We integrate the necessary pixels, tags, and settings into your applications and web properties to start tracking.

We guarantee that measurement objectives are being met and ensure the quality of the data obtained.

We create the reports and dashboards needed to answer business hypotheses and design better user experiences.

We identify the consumption patterns that maximize conversion for certain customer segments and improve the customer journey of applications.

To understand the consumer from a 360° view, there is a plethora of information and data at our fingertips.

With such volumes of data, the real challenge lies in information management and processing capacity. However, there are agile techniques that allow us to focus on business results to deliver consistent value as quickly as possible.

Data-driven marketing: using meaningful data to develop personalized campaigns

We optimize intelligent campaigns and manage inbound marketing activities in a centralized way. We use the data already collected to target users in a concrete and compelling way. We develop strategies to increase the success of campaigns through marketing automation.

Battleground App

App battleground are dashboards and indicators to compare applications and understand their user acceptance. A comparison of the apps in the stores, but with a business sense.


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